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Letter from MIHS Chief Nursing Officer We are extremely proud of the 1056 nurses here at Maricopa Integrated Health System and Im excited to share with you their many accomplishments over the past year in this years Nursing Report. MIHS nurses continue to bring a high level of skill and compassion to our patients and lead the front line team in our delivery of high quality patient care. Over the past year our nurses have emerged as leaders in the states response to the Ebola crisis. As youll read in this years report MIHS nurses played a key role in the organizations multi-faceted approach to preparing for the potential arrival of an Ebola patient. Their hard work led to recognition of MIHS by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Arizona Department of Health Services as an Infectious Disease Treatment Center of Excellence. MIHS nurses also played an essential role in helping the public understand the virus and in combating fear and panic by speaking out in the media. Over the past year our nurses also have earned numerous accolades including the March of Dimes annual recognition of outstanding nurses Arizona Hospital and Healthcare Associations recognition of Nursing Leader and the Phoenix Business Journals annual Healthcare Heroes Award. We are very proud to serve a very diverse population and nurses at MIHS are dedicated to providing exceptional comprehensive and safe care to all who come through our doors in accordance with the American Nurses Associations Standards of Practice. Our nurses live by MIHS Nursing Mission to provide the highest level of compassionate and patient-centered care through innovation-based practice education and research. I am so very grateful for their service and dedication to the patients we serve at MIHS. Mission Statement Maricopa Integrated Health System MIHS is Maricopa Countys only public teaching hospital and health care system. We are committed to providing safe comprehensive high-quality physical and behavioral health care in a patient-centric environment to the communities we serve and expanding the communitys available pool of physicians and other health care professionals by offering excellent academic programs. Sherry Stotler RN Chief Nursing Officer MIHS Letter from MIHS President CEO We are extraordinarily proud of our nurses here at Maricopa Integrated Health System and are always delighted to share their many forward thinking initiatives and accomplishments with our community. As a critical part of the entire healthcare team our nurses bring skill competency and compassion to the patients bedside and in the many outpatient areas where care is provided. They are on the front lines of healthcare delivery every day and we are grateful for their service. I hope you will enjoy reading about these remarkable initiatives in the pages that follow. Our nurses continue to make a positive difference in patient care here at MIHS and they bring meaning to one of my favorite lines As goes nursing so goes the hospital. Steve Purves President CEO MIHS 1 2015 Nursing Report Vision Statement MIHS will be recognized locally and nationally as an effective efficient and fiscally responsible organization that maintains an integrated high-quality patient-centric health care delivery system and an excellent academic medical center. Values Respect Compassion Collaboration Excellence Stewardship Leadership Integrity Education Innovation Accountability. Letter from District Medical Groups President CEO Nurses are the backbone of MIHS and have been for more than 140 years. Their commitment to the nursing profession is one of dedication and service. They lead the front line team in providing a top-notch patient experience and the physicians of District Medical Group rely on them every day for outstanding support and care. Simply put nurses are the unsung heroes for many physicians and patients alike. In the 23 years I have been working at MIHS I have never ceased to be impressed by the nurses across our healthcare system. On behalf of all the DMG physicians who work across MIHS thank you for taking such good care of our patients and thank you for taking such good care of all of us. Together we are a great and unbeatable team of healthcare professionals. Dr. Kote Chundu President CEO District Medical Group Letter from MIHS Board Chairman On behalf of the Maricopa County Special Health Care District Board of Directors let me say how very proud I am of the dedicated team of nurses who take exemplary care of our patients and families while providing an outstanding learning environment for students and medical trainees. In 2015 we continue to work to improve the experience for our patients and families as well as the safety and effectiveness of the care we provide. We also completed another very successful DNV survey during which our surveyors commented very favorably on our quality of nursing care DNV is one of the worlds leading accrediting bodies and a leader in quality and safety. Another major accomplishment you will read about in this report is the role MIHS nurses played in establishing MIHS as one of only 55 health care systems in the United States identified by the federal Centers for Disease Prevention and Control as an Ebola treatment center. It was another busy and successful year and I am honored to serve as Chairman of the Board that oversees such a wonderful organization. As you read this Annual Nursing Report I hope you will be as impressed as I am with the accomplishments of the nursing staff at MIHS. Terence McMahon Chairman Maricopa County Special Health Care District Board of Directors 22015 Nursing Report 3 2015 Nursing Report CONFRONTING EBOLA In November 2014 ADHS designated MIHS as one of two Infectious Disease Treatment Centers of Excellence in Arizona the only one in Maricopa County and in February 2015 MIHS was recognized by the CDC as one of 55 Ebola Treatment Centers in the United States. 42015 Nursing Report The Ebola outbreak put a spotlight on the criticalbut often unseenwork of nursing at MIHS and other health care organizations across the United States. In October 2014 Dorinne Gray RN head of infection control and her team began developing an Infectious Disease Unit to respond to outbreaks such as Ebola and trained staff on how to wear and remove specialized personal protective equipment PPE. In January nurse leaders patient care nurses and infection control nurses trained at the University of Nebraska Medical Centers Biocontainment Center on protocols for safely caring for an Ebola patient. MIHS nurses also worked closely with experts from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDC and the Arizona Department of Health Services ADHS. As a result of these efforts MIHS nurses developed protocols and procedures that are followed in the Infectious Disease Unit. Through participating in education training and simulation drills our highly trained nurses are able to revise and adjust the protocols to maximize safety. MIHS nurses also helped the public understand how Ebola is transmitted dispelled myths about the virus and lessened fears by speaking out in radio and television news programs. Gray appeared on almost every local news channel to raise awareness about the disease and to highlight MIHS preparedness efforts. On October 16 2014 Gray fielded questions about the virus on a special Channel 12 FactsNotFear news program broadcast live from Maricopa Medical Center. She was joined by Chief Medical Officer Dr. Robert Fromm and Gail Kane RN who demonstrated how to wear personal protective equipment PPE. You can watch the FactsNotFear program here mihs.orgfactsnotfear Nurses at MIHS led the way in developing the main caregiving response to the deadly virus across Arizonas only public healthcare system. 5 2015 Nursing Report AWARDS MIHS 2014 DAISY AWARD HONOREES The DAISY Foundation was formed in November 1999 by the family of J. Patrick Barnes who died at age 33 of complications of Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura ITP. The family wanted to honor the super-human work nurses do in direct care of patients and families every day through the establishment of a national award. DAISY is an acronym for Diseases Attacking the Immune System. The 2014 Daisy Award Honorees were Jan Lorrie Loomis RN SurgicalTrauma Feb Alysia Iguado BSN RN SurgicalTrauma Mar Jennifer Sanford BSN RN Karen Devitt RN Peds ED Behavioral Health Apr Rosie Tran RN Peds May Frank Barron BSN RN MedicalOncology Jun Alyssa Keegan BSN RN MedicalOncology Jul Zoraida French BSN RN Adult Progressive Care Unit Aug Katherina Carballo BSN RN Scott Gilman RN Adult ED Behavioral Health Sep Carlos Aguilar RN Surgical Intensive Care Unit Oct Christine Anders BSN RN 4EShort Stay Unit Nov Gurvinder Nanda BSN RN Labor and Delivery Dec Val Khari BSN RN APCU HONOREES SERVICE AREA Pat Kardos MSN RN CCRN March of Dimes Distinguished Nurse of the Year 62015 Nursing Report Nurse of the Year Jennifer Hargrave RN was named as the 2014 Nightingale Nurse of the Year. A nurse in MIHS Post Anesthesia Care Unit PACU colleagues noted that Jennifer was recognized this year because she is a dedicated professional that takes patient care and safety to the next level. She is the embodiment of a kind caring and compassionate nurse at MIHS. Edna Edwards RN a Clinical Resource Leader notes Jennifer is highly dedicated to educating the family on what to look for and what to do at home when they are discharged after surgery. March of Dimes Awards Each year the Arizona Chapter of the March of Dimes honors nurses in sixteen different categories to celebrate nursing and excellence and recognize leaders in nursing from across the state. This year there were a total of 16 MIHS nurses nominated. Two were finalists and one Pat Kardos MSN RN CCRN was recognized as the March of Dimes Distinguished Nurse of the Year an award presented by UnitedHealth Group Center for Nursing Advancement. As the Director of Nursing for the Arizona Burn Center at Maricopa Integrated Health System Pat was recognized for her significant contributions and leadership in the field of nursing. Nurse Education Perpetual Scholarship Fund Established by the Maricopa Health Foundation the Nurse Education Scholarship Fund helps bridge the financial barriers for working nurses who wish to further their education by returning to school for advanced degrees or certifications. A unique aspect of the Nurse Education Scholarship program is contained in its name perpetuity. RNs who receive this scholarship pay-it-forward upon completion of their education goals by paying back into the scholarship fund so the next generation of MIHS nurses will also be able to pursue advanced degrees and certifications. I am grateful to have benefited from the Nursing Education Perpetual Scholarship fund. Going back to school can be expensive and having the extra assistance from an organization that values education can make a big difference. - Katie Walsh 7 2015 Nursing Report At MIHS our nurses are highly committed to offering top-tier care to our patients. As part of their commitment our nursing staff has adopted the MIHS Professional Practice Model PPM based on a system that supports registered nurses control over the delivery of nursing care and the environment in which it is provided. As part of the Professional Practice Model both MIHS nurse leadership and teams collaborate and commit to developing the highest quality of care and continuous improvement that has come to define the nursing practice environment at MIHS. The universal symbol see right of the PPM is white hearts reflecting the structures and processes that constitute and guide our practice. Each of the white hearts points to the central area of focus known as Caring About You to emphasize the essential principle upon which nursing practice is founded. Each day MIHS nurses reflect the relationships that are built between nurses patients and their families and their inherent desire to give extraordinary care. EVERY PERSON EVERY TIM E COM M ITMENT TO CLINICAL EXCELLE N CE CARING ABOUT YOU Structural Empowerment Transformational Leadership Exemplary Professional Practice Clinical Advancement Professional Collaboration Continuous Quality Improvement MIHS PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE MODEL 82015 Nursing Report I was one of ten nurses nationwide accepted to work in a National Task Force initiated by the American Academy of Ambulatory Care Nurses AAACN. The goal is the development of a Scope and Standards of Practice for a new nursing specialty RN Care Coordination and Transition Management CCTM. As health care and nursing moves from hospital-based to ambulatorybased this new specialtycertification will place RNs in positons of leadership and MIHS nurses will be the vanguard - Mary Ann Granger MSN RN Clinical Resource Leader Ambulatory Care Management I have really enjoyed my time on the Shared Governance Council for the Burn Center. As a team on the front lines I love how empowered we are in developing and implementing meaningful change to improve cost containment patient satisfaction staff recognition and workplace safety in our area. It has been so successful that some of our projects have even made it to the point of being developed for system wide use. - Celestia Rasmussen RN Arizona Burn Center Burn Clinic Learn more about the professional practice model at mihs.orgnursing HERE ARE JUST SOME OF THE WAYS OUR NURSES ARE COMMITTED TO CONTRIBUTING TO MIHS PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE MODEL 9 2015 Nursing Report MIHS is committed to training the next generation of nurses with the future in mind. The Graduate Nurse Residency Program at MIHS is designed to build the skills and competency of new graduates over a 12 to 16 week period. The program focuses on patient safety and quality outcomes to provide the new graduate nurse with a solid foundation for development and transitioning into practice. In our ongoing commitment to behavioral health MIHS recently begun a Behavioral Health New Graduate Nurse Residency Program with 10 nurses participating. Preceptors for each program are seasoned established RNs who mentor and guide the new graduate nurse. Classroom sessions for the residency program include Basic EKG interpretation code preparation IV management wound care management and other basics designed to develop skills and critical thinking. Interestingly several new graduate nurses have been selected from among our more than 267 volunteers at MIHS who have decided on a career in nursing Learn more about our teaching and training programs at mihs.orgmedical-education TRAINING THE NEXT GENERATION OF NURSES 26 New Graduate Nurses took part in our Residency Program from 2014 to 2015 102015 Nursing Report MIHS operates the largest behavioral health center in Maricopa County and our 145 behavioral health nurses play a critical role in the care of our communitys most vulnerable patients. They bring a dose of compassion to their units each day and expertise in understanding psychiatric illnesses that can strike anyone. Our behavioral health nurses work alongside psychiatrists social workers and behavioral health technicians at Desert Vista Behavioral Health Center in Mesa and the Maricopa Behavioral Health Annex on the campus of the Maricopa Medical Center. BEHAVIORAL HEALTH NURSING 11 2015 Nursing Report MIHS operates 12 Family Health Centers where our highly trained Ambulatory RNs develop close relationships with their patients and families. Ambulatory RNs see patients and their families in their world and deal with complex issues that significantly impact patients wellness and approach to self-care. For example if a patient asks an Ambulatory RN how to pay for medications and also have enough money to feed their children its an indication of a life struggle that will impact the patients ability to deal with a chronic condition. The RN can offer greater support knowing this. Patients also look to Ambulatory RNs for encouragement motivation and assistance in dealing with chronic diseases. At MIHS Ambulatory Nursing is about compassion continuity and reaching out to make a difference. AMBULATORY CARE The groundswell of change in healthcare delivery from inpatient to outpatient settings places MIHS ambulatory nurses on the front lines of care across Maricopa County. 122015 Nursing Report 1. El Mirage Family Health Center 12428 W Thunderbird Rd El Mirage AZ 85335 2. Sunnyslope Family Health Center 934 W Hatcher Rd Phoenix AZ 85021 3. Glendale Family Health Center 5141 W Lamar Rd Glendale AZ 85301 4. Maryvale Family Health Center 4011 N 51st Ave Phoenix AZ 85031 5. McDowell Healthcare Center 1101 North Central Ave 2nd Floor Phoenix AZ 85006 MIHS.orgmcdowell 6. 7th Avenue Family Health Center 1205 S 7th Ave Phoenix AZ 85007 7. South Central Family Health Center 33 W Tamarisk St Phoenix AZ 85041 8. Avondale Family Health Center 950 E Van Buren St Avondale AZ 85323 9. Guadalupe Family Health Center 5825 Calle Guadalupe Guadalupe AZ 85283 10. Mesa Family Health Center 59 S Hibbert Mesa AZ 85210 11. Chandler Family Health Center 811 S Hamilton St Chandler AZ 85225 12. Comprehensive Healthcare Center 2525 East Roosevelt Street Phoenix AZ 85008 MIHS.orgchc 13. Pendergast Family Health Center 10550 W. Mariposa St Phoenix AZ 85037 1 2 3 4 8 5 6 7 9 10 11 12 13 Locations 26 LANGUAGES REPRESENTED AMONG RWHC PATIENTS 36 COUNTRIES REPRESENTED AMONG RWHC PATIENT POPULATION 13 LANGUAGES SPOKEN BY RWHC STAFF 13 2015 Nursing Report The Refugee Womens Health Clinic RWHC is the only program of its kind in the United States which provides a patient-centered medical home designed to serve the communitys refugee population. The MIHS Nurses involved with the RWHC specialize in comprehensive culturally sensitive care for refugee women in and around Phoenix. In 2014 1531 refugee women were served through our RWHC which offers numerous health education programs including labor and delivery classes postpartum and infant care car seat safety infant CPR basic nutrition classes and access to medical care guidance. Since opening in 2008 the clinic has provided culturally competent womens health services to more than 7000 refugee women while generating high levels of patient satisfaction. Learn more about the Refugee Womens Health Clinic at REFUGEE WOMENS HEALTH CLINIC 142015 Nursing Report Established in 1989 MIHS McDowell Healthcare Center is the largest provider of comprehensive and coordinated HIV-related medical care for adults in Maricopa County. Serving those living with HIVAIDS our nurses and physician teams at the McDowell Center provide compassionate primary medical care along with HIV testing and clinical trial research for new drug therapies. Earlier this year one of the centers nurses Carol Williams was the recipient of the Aunt Ritas Foundation Heart Award. A nurse practitioner for the last 34 years Carol was recognized for her tireless efforts in providing quality compassionate health care for HIV infected community members. So highly regarded is Carol that many of her patients have been with her since the 1990s when she first began work at the McDowell Center. Her knowledge compassion and advocacy are well known in the HIV community said Kate Rhodes MIHS Executive Director of Nursing Ambulatory and Physician Services. This year the McDowell Healthcare Center celebrates 25 years of serving HIVAIDS patients in the Valley. In 2013 the McDowell Healthcare Center moved to a spacious new location on Central Avenue and is now located within the Parsons Center for Health and Wellness where it shares space with the Southwest Center for HIVAIDS and Avella Specialty Pharmacy. CELEBRATING 25 YEARS OF SERVICE MCDOWELL HEALTHCARE CENTER 15 2015 Nursing Report Through the years thousands of MIHS Arizona Burn Center patients have been touched by the dedication and compassion of our amazing burn center nurses. Celebrating 50 years of caring for burn center patients throughout Arizona and neighboring states the Arizona Burn Center at Maricopa Integrated Health System marks a significant milestone. The burn unit began in 1965 when the nursing department gave up its office space to create an initial five-bed burn unit. The burn unit grew so quickly that by the end of the year bed capacity jumped from five to eleven beds. Co-Founded by Doctor MacDonald Wood and Doctor William Ray Price a dedicated Burn Unit at Maricopa Medical Center was eventually established in 1977. After review the burn unit gained Burn Center status through the State of Arizona and today continues to serve thousands of burn patients each year. To say that our nurses serve a crucial role in the Arizona Burn Center is an understatement. They are in fact the heart of caring for our burn center patients. Highly skilled in the unique specialty of burn patient care our nurses play a critical role in patient outcomes including burn wound care recognizing subtle changes that require immediate attention infection prevention and pain and anxiety management. Nurses at our world renowned burn center also oversee the total care of the patient in coordinating activities with other disciplines such as occupational and physical therapy social services nutritional services child life psychology and pharmacy. CELEBRATING 50 YEARS OF PATIENT CARE ARIZONA BURN CENTER Listed below are just a few of the ongoing research studies currently being conducted by our Arizona Burn Center nursing staff A Retrospective Review of Antibiotic Usage in Burn Patients A Comparison of Parental Fears of Pediatric Burn Patients at time of Hospital Admission and Discharge Burn Patient Acuity and Classification Systems Burn Patient Classification Systems ARIZONA BURN CENTER Arizona Republic Sept. 10 1970 162015 Nursing Report Burn Center Nurses in the Community Our nurses have a long history of supporting the community through a variety of organizations and community outreach events. Arizona Burn Center nurses can be seen volunteering at Camp Courage our Burn Camp for childhood survivors of burn injuries in Prescott. They staff the infirmary for the duration of camp and participate in activities with the children. Our burn nurses can also be seen volunteering at the annual Burn Symposium for the Arizona Burn Center every fall. They assist in registering attendees provide support throughout the event and have even presented oral abstracts. Lastly lets not forget the nurses that volunteer at the Arizona Burn Center Annual Chili Cook-Off. Highly skilled in the unique specialty of burn patient care our nurses play a critical role in patient outcomes including burn wound care recognizing subtle changes that require immediate attention infection prevention and pain or anxiety management. Burn Nurses Dedicated to Research In 2010 the Arizona Burn Center established the Burn Research Nursing Internship Program. The program is designed to involve nurses in research to enhance nursing practice professional development and collaboration with physicians. This provides nurses the opportunity to work on a clinical research projects that have practice implications while continuing to maintain their skills as a care provider. The program also seeks to contribute to the overall body of knowledge regarding the care of each burn patient. 17 2015 Nursing Report MIHS Arizona Childrens Center is designed to make sure that all of your childs health needs are met in a caring way. Thats why its important to recognize our outstanding pediatric nurses who have a passion for what they do in caring for our youngest patients. Each of our nurses are devoted to keeping your childs health and development on track through the years. The Arizona Childrens Center includes a state-of-the- art pediatric emergency department in-patient care pediatric ICU specialty care burn wound care through our Arizona Burn Center and 12 Family Health Centers located conveniently throughout the Valley. Our highly qualified pediatric nursing staff makes your childs health their number one goal ARIZONA CHILDRENS CENTER Our goal for 2015 is to have 100 of the NICU nursing team complete specialized training in caring for newborns with drug-related complications - a first for the Phoenix Metro area. IN 2014 WE HAD 18690Visits to our Pediatric Emergency Trauma Departments 22837Visits to our Pediatric Clinics 99Number of Arizona Childrens Center Licensed Beds 679Neonatal Intensive Care Unit admissions including 23 transported in from other facilities 18Daily NICU Patient Census 100 182015 Nursing Report The MIHS NICU at Maricopa Medical Center is home to over 57 nurses that specialize in newborn care. When newborns arrive that are in need of Neonatal Services who are premature or need a medical procedure MIHS NICU Nurses use a collaborative team approach evidence based research and advanced technology to deliver excellent specialty care. The MIHS NICU Nursing team provides each infant with care 24 hours a day seven days a week. MIHS NICU offers multiple treatment options and specialized equipment designed to support each infants developmental needs. The NICU at MIHS Maricopa Medical Center is proud to provide a compassionate healing experience for you and your family with the highest level of neonatal care available in Arizona. For more information on the NICU and the Arizona Childrens Center visit mihs.orgAZCC The MIHS NICU Full of Tiny Miracles The specialized team approach used at the MIHS NICU is designed to help premature babies thrive. This combined with our research on nutritional needs and specialty in drug related newborn illness is unlike any other team approach in Arizona. - Patricia Johnson Neonatal Nurse Practitioner Coordinator 19 2015 Nursing Report Emergency nurses at MIHS are the backbone of Maricopa Medical Centers Emergency Department and Level I Trauma Center. Our 74 ED nurses are called to quickly assess and intervene in life-threatening situations day in and day out. They are faced with some of the most intimate situations that people will ever experience and they must deal with them with immediate rapport comfort and human respect. Our ED nurses go through nationally recognized trauma training plus MIHS-specific trauma classes. After becoming certified they rotate through MIHS renowned Level I Trauma Center. They also are partners with Emergency Medicine residents sharing their years of knowledge with the new physicians while also learning the latest in medicine from the residents. In the last year our ED nurses have spearheaded efforts to reduce door to doctor wait times and have streamlined the admitting process for patients who need hospital care. They triage many different types of patients from the truly sick to the walking wounded with just a glance. Within moments they will go from comforting grieving family members to saving a heart attack victims life sometimes repeating the cycle several times during a busy shift. Theyll go home carrying many of these encounters with them only to return to work in 12 hours to repeat the drill with the same professionalism and grace. EMERGENCY DEPARTMENT AND TRAUMA NURSING A lot of times were their only resource said Clinical Resource Leader Ken King RN. They dont know where else to turn. 202015 Nursing Report Our nurses have a long history of supporting the community and giving back to the communities where our nurses live and work. Since 2007 MIHS nurses have been involved in the March of Dimes March of Babies which takes place annually in Phoenix. During that time they have raised more than 46000 for the non-profit organization which help moms have full-term pregnancies and healthy birth outcomes. MIHS nurses have also been active in the American Heart Associations annual Phoenix Heart Walk. Our MIHS nurses are committed to community initiatives that promote the health and well-being central to everyone. Professional Leaders Beyond this MIHS nurses are highly committed to serving within their profession and are active in numerous local and national professional associations. Some of these professional associations include the American Burn Association March of Dimes Arizona Chapter the Southwest Autism Resource and Research Center the Conference Planning Committee for the National Association of Neonatal Nurses the Emergency Nurses Association - Certified Emergency Nurse Board Child Fatality Review Board at the Arizona Department of Health Services and the Arizona Nurses Association among others. COMMUNITY SERVICE MIHS raised more than 36000 in support of the AHAs mission to build healthier lives free of heart disease and stroke. 21 2015 Nursing Report PATIENT QUOTES I had wonderful service from the nurses on the observation unit. They took very good care of me during my stay. ED Patient My mother was recently very ill and admitted to MIHS. It was great to know that on several occasions Samantha Smith was her nurse. Every encounter I had with Sam was a pleasant one. She always took the time to explain procedures their duration and the effect on my mother. She was courteous compassionate loving and patient with my mother. I was at ease knowing that my mother was well taken care of. MIHS Patient Family Member The staff made me feel welcome and everyone has been wonderful. Id like to recognize nurse Stacy Wolosek RN IRP who goes above and beyond taking excellent care of patients and keeping my family informed. Patient Family Member 4th Floor ICU The doctor and Dana Britton RN and David Lomu RN were wonderful and took very good care of my father in the Emergency Department. Patient Family Member Adult Emergency Department I was very impressed with Charge Nurse Phyllis Thomas RN Station 42 she addressed our concerns issues immediately. Patient Family Member Surgery Trauma Unit I was very pleased with the care and service I received. I would absolutely recommend MIHS to others. Patient 4th Floor SICU I received awesome care from MIHS Nurses on the 6th floor. I especially want to recognize Sylvia Cole CNA who was amazing. - Patient Hospital 6th Floor From the doctors and nurses to the clerks and scheduling staff every single member with whom I had contact with was exemplary. MIHS Patient To see more about our care model visit mihs.orgnursing I have never seen better service in health care during my 61 years on this earth. MIHS Cardiac Patient