Medical Education


Maricopa Integrated Health System (MIHS) is a superb choice for residents to engage in graduate medical education.  The mission, vision and values of the system embody our commitment to high-quality health care for our community and our focus on academics, research and resident training. Our diverse patient population offers residents challenging and rewarding opportunities for learning varied medical diagnoses and treatments.  Our professional staff and ancillary services are dedicated to providing a rich learning environment for our residents.

MIHS has the largest medical teaching program in metropolitan Phoenix, second only to The University of Arizona statewide, teaching our community’s future physicians.  Over 400 residents participate in graduate medical education programs on a yearly basis.  As a teaching hospital, Maricopa Medical Center puts a heavy emphasis on research.  This means that our patients have access to medicine’s latest treatments.

The title Medical Education covers a wide range of options.  Please see the list below, you may click on the title to learn more about each specific area of Medical Education.